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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to all the students and staff that have a birthday this month.

Mrs Sanders - Art Teacher
Mrs Thompson - Sports Teacher

John B - 1H
Sally Y - 2W
Tom P - 6T
Sam P - 6E

Jason T - 8P
Christina W - 10T
Jared L - 11K
Sarah H - 12B

Junior School Disco

Don't forget that the Junior Disco is on this Friday. See the poster below for more details.

Junior Disco

Don't forget that our Annual "Spirit Cheer Off" is on again next Friday.

Come along and earn your house valuable team points!

There will be a range of fun activities for all students to participate in.

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Tuckshop Specials and Roster

Don't forget to check the Canteen Roster to see if you have been scheduled on.

We are always in need of more volunteers, so if you have a few spare hours, we would love for you to come down and lend a hand! Contact Donna on 02 5414 2311 or email

Check out the latest Tuckshop Specials, current for the next two weeks!

Savoury Mince Roll $3.00
Chicken Fingers $3.20
Meat Pie - Various Flavours $4.50
Flavoured Milk $2.00
Various Cakes and Slices $1.50

Uniform Pricelist and Order Forms

Any parents that are able to come and volunteer in the Uniform Shop throughout the week would be greatly appreciated, even if it is only for a couple of hours. If you are able to come in, please contact Sandra on 02 5414 2312 or email

Don't forget that with the changing of the weather students will need to swap over to the Summer Uniform.

If you need to order new uniforms, please see the current pricelist and order form below.

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Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to everyone on their great participation in the Athletics Carnival on Monday. It was fantastic to see so many students giving all events a go to gain a participation point for their House.

Overall House Points

1st Red House 1112 Points
2nd Green House 826 Points
3rd Blue House 736 Points
4th Orange House 712 Points

Thank you to everyone who helped with the organisation especially the House seniors for collecting the entries and the computer girls who entered the data on the day. A big thank you to Mr Boss for his computer skills, which made the day run so smoothly!

Age Champions
12 years Libbie Gar Blue House
13 years Rick Flin Green House
14 years Simon Hodgers Orange House
15 years Nick Sula Blue House
16 years Luke Lewis Red House
17+ years Sam Fog Red House

Venue for Round 12 Soccer

The football field at Greenfield Stadium will be used for the game on the 15th October. This is due to the upgrades we are having completed at our College grounds. Please stay tuned for updates regarding all future rounds.

Marathon Game Day

Students in the Baseball Program played a game of pitching on Wednesday the 19th of June. The day is used to provide fundraising opportunities to go towards new training uniforms, excursions and back to the program for equipment etc. It also creates an environment for students to practice their skills in game situations and learn from one another. This is the second year we have run the event and it was a fantastic day once again. Thank you to all the students who participated and raised money.

There were some big hits from the older students and a spectacular play from Tim Brown at third base off Steven Kelly. Well done to all that attended!

We look forward to next year's event and encourage all who would like to volunteer or sponsor the event to contact us as soon as possible. It is only through the efforts of our kind sponsors and volunteers that we can make this great program possible.

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Two weeks ago our three Year 8 classes travelled out to the Greenfield West Conservation Wetlands, to learn about the diverse wetland ecosystem.

The students got to see a range of wetland creatures in their natural habitat, while also learning about the dangers of pollution, and how we can go about protecting these magnificent environments.

A great day was had by all. Thank you again to all our parent volunteers, who helped out on the day.

Mrs Best

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Support a great cause!


Students and staff are encouraged to wear their favourite pair of jeans next Thursday to support fundraising for the Children’s Medical Research Institute.

Our Middle School Leaders will be collecting donations from each classroom on the day. Your Gold Coin Donation will be greatly appreciated.

All funds raised on the day go to the Children’s Medical Research Institute. Every dollar raised will help to bring tomorrow's treatments and cures closer - for the benefit of children everywhere.

Please note our Jean Code!

  • No holes or slashes allowed
  • No shorts
  • Full length jeans only

Jonathon Bliss
College Captain

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Jackie Sand

It is with pleasure that the P&F Association acknowledges Jane Sand for her outstanding efforts and contributions made to Greenfield Grammar over the past 10 years by nominating her for the award.

Jane has willingly given of her time and energy in every possible way during her time at the College.

Jane returned to her old College as a parent, when her son Richard began here in 2005, and has continued on with us while all her children completed high school, her youngest child, Clara is currently in Year 12.

From 2005 to present Jane has been a consistent volunteer in our College Tuckshop. The College Tuckshop is one of our largest sources of fundraising for providing additional resources for our College. Without people like Jane giving up their time, the tuckshop struggles to exist, in times of limited volunteers. On additional occasions that the tuckshop operated; sports carnivals, swimming carnivals, Italian day etc, Jane has always been there to lend a hand.

From 2008 until earlier this year, Jane took on the role of Treasurer for the Tuckshop, a volunteering role that require 3-4 hours each week to count and bank money, pay accounts and create reports.

Jane has been a constant volunteer with any function that the College has held over the past 10 years. This year Jane’s daughter Clara is Vice Captain of the College. Jane chose to take on the joint role of Year 12’s Parent Coordinator to help fundraise for an end of year gift, traditionally given to the College by the Year 12’s. Jane’s efforts have included helping organise discos, market days and free dress days.

On behalf of all past and present parents, teachers, staff and children of Greenfield Grammar, I would like to thank you for your remarkable commitment, positive energy and efforts on behalf of the College. Jane your regular appearance will be missed when you finish at the end of this year, all the best!

Jackie Living
P&F Association

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As a congratulations to our students winning the Schools Competition, we will be going to a Theme Park. It will be free dress and park admission will be paid by the College. Please bring your own lunch or money to buy lunch at the theme park.

The bus leaves at 8:30am sharp, so make sure you are on time otherwise you will be left behind. Permission Forms are attached.

PLEASE NOTE: booking of a ticket will not automatically give your child permission to travel on the bus to the venue!

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Last Tuesday Evening we held our Annual Arts Night. The evening was a great opportunity to enjoy many student performances which they have been preparing for the majority of the year. We were all taken by surprise, particularly the P&F, with the huge response from parents and families. The barbeque sold out within the hour and extra supplies of sausages, bread and soft drinks had to be purchased. Almost one half of the students in the college were involved in the evening in some way. Over 200 students presented drama skits, performed musical and vocal items and demonstrated various forms of cultural and modern dance. Thank you to all students for their superb artistic efforts

Very special thanks must go to the Arts Department Staff - Mrs Mitchell, Miss Moris, Mrs Brown, Mr Newton, Mr Palmer as well as Mrs White, Ms Freeman, Mrs Goodwin, Mr Murry, Miss Clayton, Mr Nygugen, Mr Stevenson, the Students’ Cultural Committee and all other staff who assisted in any way to help make the evening a huge success.

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Mrs Harrison is organising a weekly Reading Club from next Wednesday. The club will run after school for 1 hour. If you are interested in joining the club, please fill in the below form.

Reading Club Application

Write your signature above the line
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Term attendance

We are on track to improve on last years attendance average of 94.6%. This is a great result that we have all worked hard to achieve. Well done!

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
95.2% 95.6% - 94.6%

Year to date results


Digital absentee form

If your child is ill and unable to attend school, please complete, sign and submit the online absence form, this is also available on SZapp.

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Dear Parents,


First off a quick reminder that the weekly P&F meeting will be held in the Year 8 room this week rather than the usual staffroom while it is undergoing renovations. Sorry for the inconvenience and remember everyone is welcome to attend.

Saturday night was a very enjoyable evening. Jane Sandona was presented with this year’s Mark Mappas Award by the Diocesan Parents and Friends Association for service to the P&F. The morning presented two new sets of goals for the children on the senior oval. A great deal of research and labour went into their local construction. Many thanks go to Jane for her work on this project.

Open Boys Rugby Glory

Last Saturday our Open Boys Rugby team won the District Secondary Schools Rugby Final, taking their winning streak to 3 consecutive premierships!

The boys played brilliantly securing a convincing 24 - 10 win. The hard work and sportsmanship that all of these young men have shown throughout the season is a testament to their dedication to their chosen sport. While it will be a shame to lose so many talented players at the end of the year, upon graduation we are sure they will go on to do wonderful things.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the season.

State Athletics Championships

The weekend saw our four boys, Lyle Harrison, Arnold Marker, Bob Abbot and Matthew Gert, competing at the State Athletics Championships. Lyle's mum tells me that while none of our boys made the National team to compete in Sydney, they all competed strongly with lots of personal bests. Lyle made the finals (top 8 competitors) for all his events, and won a gold medal in the relay.

New Soccer Goals

This morning the P&F presented to the College two new sets of goals for the children to play soccer with on the senior oval. A great deal of research and labour went into their local construction. Many thanks go to Paul Milk for his work on this project.

Year 10 Interviews

The Year 10 interviews took place on Thursday of this week. In the past decade generally around 20% of the Year 10 students at the College will have moved onto apprenticeships, full time work, TAFE or other educational experiences. This year’s Year 11s saw 97% return from Year 10. Part of this is due to the legislative requirement that students must stay at school until they are 17 – the only exceptions being those who have established work arrangements or satisfy minimum study requirements at an accredited institution. The larger numbers staying on at school then necessitates a closer examination of curriculum needs and a heightened sense of counselling on choice of subjects. As well, we need to ensure that students are mentally ready for the increased rigor of the Year 11 and 12 program. This can be best done, we believe, in a one to one approach.

The College is systematically, at the same time, attempting to improve the range of vocational subject options. To this end Mr Dean Boddis and Mr Beau Chaplin visited the Hunter Valley this week studying the approach of a number of functionally productive vocational options in schools similar in size to Greenfield. The ultimate aim is to ensure that as many students as possible have a meaningful educational program.

Parent Survey

Please take the time to fill out the survey questions as accurately as you can.
This feedback will assist us to improve the services available to your child.

A final thought for you:

If we do not plant knowledge when young, it will give us no shade when we are old.
Lord Chesterfield

Have a wonderful weekend.

Nicole Blackmore

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